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In this lentivirus, the GFP repoter gene is expressed from the Oct4 promoter that is active when cells are in an undifferentiated state. Upon differentiation, the Oct4 promoter is gradually inactivated and therefore the GFP reporter is down-regulated. Oct4-GFP expression is used as a reprogramming marker. 
Virus: Oct4-GFP
Titer (approx): 1 x 108 TU/ml
Vector Information: Vector includes both 5’ and 3’ lentiviral LTR and all necessary elements for effective transduction; woodchuck hepatitis virus posttranscriptional regulatory element (WPRE)
Promoter for Target Gene: Oct4
Target Gene / Reporter(s): GFP
Selection Gene: Puromycin
Biosafety Level: BSL-2
Shipped: Dry ice
Storage: Store at -80°C

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