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LipoJetâ„¢ Transfection Buffer (5x )
LipoJet™ Transfection Buffer (5x ) was formulated for LipoJet™ In Vitro Transfection Kit (Cat # SL100468) for maximum DNA transfection efficiency and optimal gene silencing. LipoJet™ Transfection Buffer needs to be diluted by adding 4 parts of ddH2O before use.  LipoJet™ Transfection Buffer working solution is used to dilute DNA, siRNA and LipoJet™ Transfection Reagent to form the most efficient transfection complex.

LipoJet™ Transfection Buffer (5x ), 8.0 ml/vial to make 40 ml of working solution, sufficient for ~800 transfections in 24-well plate.

Store at 4 ~23 °C. If stored properly, the product is stable for 12 months or longer.

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