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In Vitro siRNA Transfection Reagents:
Small interfering RNA (siRNA), sometimes known as short interfering RNA or silencing RNA, has a well-defined structure: a short (usually 21-nt) double strand of RNA (dsRNA) with 2-nt 3' overhangs on either end. siRNAs can be introduced into cells by various transfection methods to bring about the specific knockdown of a gene of interest. Essentially any gene of which the sequence is known can thus be targeted based on sequence complementarity with an appropriately tailored siRNA. This has made siRNAs an important and indispensable tool for gene function and drug target validation studies in the post-genomic era.

While liposome or polymer reagents often give very good DNA delivery efficacy, they often failed to efficiently drive siRNA into mammalian cells due to the length of the siRNA anionic segment that is too short to maintain electrostatic cohesion with the cationic lipids or polycationic polymer. We modified the liposome and polymer by addition of specific pre-screened hydrophobic groups which confers the pH dependent conformational changes (PDCC) at physiological pH condition and greatly stabilizes siRNA lipolplex or polyplex. 

Based on our unique and proprietary “PDCC” technology, currently we are developing and manufacturing the following four siRNA transfection reagents, which show distinct transfection characteristics with the leading products in the market.

siRNA Transfection Reagent Selection Chart.

Reagents Features Transfection Type Toxicity
PepMute™ - Exceptional good for siRNA transfection
- OK for DNA/siRNA co-transfection
GenMute™ - Exceptional good for siRNA transfection
- Excellent for DNA/siRNA co-transfection
PowerFect™ - OK for siRNA transfection
- Excellent for DNA transfection
- Excellent for DNA/siRNA co-transfection
PepMute™ Plus - Exceptional good for siRNA transfection
- Excellent for DNA/siRNA co-transfection
Powerfect™ siRNA Transfection Reagent, a enhanced liposome formulation, is the most powerful tool for in vitro RNA delivery. 

Size & content:
- Powerfect™ siRNA Transfection Reagent, 1.0 ml, sufficient for ~1330 reactions based on transfecting 5.0 pmol siRNA in 24-well plate
- Powerfect™ Transfection Buffer, formulated for maximal transfection efficiency, 8.0 ml

Store at 4 °C. If stored properly, the product is stable for 12 months or longer.

Based on innovative and proprietary lipid-conjugation technology and formulation, this product exhibits significant difference from other DNA transfection reagents in the market: 

- Top choice for difficult-to-transfect cells 
- Best for broad mammalian cells
- Very low cytotoxicity


- No sera interference
- Very stable
- Simple and quick
- Suitable for high-throughput application...

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