Lux™ Thermal Cycler (Interchangeable Block System-Gradient & More)

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Lux Thermal Cycler is a revolutionized multifunctional thermal cycler compatible with eight interchangeable blocks which automatically recognized by machine.  Ultra fast ramping rate and precise temperature controlling ability ensure accuracy of PCR experiments. Extra large screen display and user-friendly interface make operations fun and easy.

8 interchangeable blocks for everyday different applications
96-G 96x0.2ml gradient
96-A 96x0.2ml
60-B 60x0.5ml
60-C 30x0.5ml+30x0.5ml
96-D 48x0.2ml+48x0.2ml
78-E 30x0.5ml+48x0.2ml
384-F 384 wells plate
04-H 4 pieces of in situ plate
Eight interchangeable block units to meet various PCR experimental requirements.
Super fast temperature ramping rate at the maximum of 4℃/S.
Two temperature controlling modes.
Central processor automatically recognizes block units and pulls up relevant programs.
Vivid colorful extra large screen LCD and user-friendly operating interface.
Auto power off protection, and continues to complete the unfinished program after the power supply is resumed if experience power interruption. 
Adjustable height and pressure of hot lid.
RS232 standard interface can be connected with computers.
Two temperature controlling modes to choose from.Product Specification
Name LUX™ Thermal Cycler Interchangeable Block System
Sample Capacity Various based on block choice (see next page)
Temp. Range 4°C - 99°C
Heating Rate > 4.0°C /sec
Cooling Rate > 3.0°C /sec
Temp. control mode Block, Tube
Temp. control accuracy <±0.5°C (95°C); <±0.3°C (72°C); <±0.2°C (55°C)
Temp. uniformity across block  <±0.8°C (95°C); <±0.5°C (72°C); <±0.4°C (55°C)
Max. procedures within cycle 16
Max. number of cycles 99
Max. segments 5
Hot lid 100°C -110°C temp. adjustable
Max. gradient 30°C
Min. gradient 1°C
Block Specification


LUX Gradient LUX
Block Unit 96-G 96-A 60-B 60-C 96-D 78-E 384-F 04-H
Test-tube Volume 96×0.2ml Centrifuge tube 96×0.2ml Centrifuge tube 60×0.5ml Centrifuge tube 30×0.5ml + 30×0.5ml Centrifuge tube 48×0.2ml + 48×0.2ml Centrifuge tube 30×0.5ml + 48×0.2ml Centrifuge tube 384 Wells plate   4 pieces in situ plate
Maximum Gradient 30 ° C - - - - - -
Minimum Gradient 1 ° C - - - - - -
Size L×W×H 470mm × 340mm × 260mm
Weight ( kg ) 10 kg
Power supply 100 ~ 120 V, 55 ~ 60 Hz, 600VA
Printer connector RS232

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