Mini Bis-Tris  Precast PAGE Gels, 10 gels/box
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- Cassette dimensions: 10cm x 8.0cm x 4.8mm
- Gel dimensions: 8.6cm x 6.8cm x 1mm
-Storage conditions: up to 1 year at 2-80
-Stacking gel: 4% polyacrylamide
-SDS content: none
-Can be used with a wide variety of electrode buffers

Compatible gel tanks 
-BioRad mini-PROTEAN II and 3
-Fisher Biotech Vertical minigel system
-Life Technologies XCell I, II nad Surelock
-IBI Universal protein system: EC 4-Cell
-Tall mighty smal & mighty small & mini VE system (Hoefer)
-Daiichi mini 2-gel and 6-gel
-GradiGel mini 4-cgel

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