Vauum filter, PES, 0.45um, 250ml, sterile
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VacufilTM disposable Vacuum Filtration units are very useful in large volume samples separation and purification for tissue culture media, biological fluids and fixation buffers.

The unit includes membrane filter, graduated funnel of clear polystyrene with polyethylene neck adapter and polystyrene reservoir bottle with a separate sterile polyethylene cap. Glass fiber pre-filter is available.

Five membranes are available to meet all of your filtration needs: PES, MCE, CA, Nylon and hydrophilic PVDF.

Available in three styles: vacuum filtration system, filter funnel and the receiver bottle.


  • Ideal for filtration of tissue culture media, biological fluids, fixation buffers etc
  • Cell culture media and other aqueous solutions
  • Sterile filtration of solutions which can’t be autoclaved
  • Sterile filtration and clarification of difficult-to-filter aqueous solutions with a glass fiber pre-filter.


  • Available in 0.22μm and 0.45μm
  • Filter Diameter: 50mm membrane diameter for 250ml units and 90mm for 500 ml units
  • Volume sizes: 250 , 500 and 1000ml
  • Light weight and heavy wall construction
  • Large knurls on the reservoir bottle cap for easy screw
  • Reservoir bottles feature easy grip sides for improved handling, simplify tightening/ loosening and adjustments
  • Designed wide and easy access bottle mouth for efficiently and stably pour out
  • Engraved graduation ensure veracity
  • Designed hose connector can fit multiplicate hose diameters
  • Detergent-free, tissue culture compatible, and heat-sealed to the support grid to maximize flow rate, reduce foaming and protein denaturization
  • Certified non- pyrogenic

Selection Guide

1)Membrane Material
Color of collar Membrane Material Description
Green PES The fastest flow rate, the lowest protein binding and low extractables and are best for filtering cell culture media.
Dark blue MCE Filtration of aqueous solutions, effectively binds trace proteins.
Blue CA Fast flow rates and low protein binding and are good for filtering cell culture media.
Purple Nylon Naturally hydrophilic, surfactant-free and offer the lowest extractables.
Yellow Hydrophilic PVDF Suitable for aqueous solutions and organic solvent filtration.
2)Membrane Material
Pore Size(μm) Application
0.22 Routine laboratory sterilization of most media, buffers and biological fluids
0.45 Clarification and prefiltration of solutions and solvents

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