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Refrigerated - High speed centrifuge
Refrigerated - High speed centrifuge
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This high performance refrigerated centrifuge is a compact versatile unit which is designed to spin a large number of tubes at higher RCF in less time. These centrifuge are quick and convenient and ideal for applications from clinical to molecular biology. There are 8 different rotors to choose from, accommodating up to 100ml tubes in swing out and fixed angle, to satisfy every laboratory application. 
* LED screen
* Micro-computor
* All parameters are stored for quick reference
* Multi-centrifugal and brushless motor
* High tech refrigeration unit
* Comes with balance control, lid lock, and temperature/speed protection devices

Technical data               XC-HR18
Max speed:                   18000r/min
Max RCF:                    23755 x g
Fixed angle Rotor
A006-4:                      1.5/2.0ml x 12 (18000/min) RCF: 22530 x g
A008-2:                      1.5/2.0ml x 24 (16000r/min): RCF: 23755 x g
A011-2:                      5ml x 10 (13000r/min) RCF: 11400 x g
A012-2:                      10ml x 12 (13000r/min) RCF: 16760 x g
A021-3:                      50ml x 6 (12000r/min) RCF: 13000 x g
A024-1:                      100ml x 4 (12000r/min) RCF: 1400 x g
Swing rotor
S003:                         2 x 48 (3000r/min) RCF: 1400 x g
S010-1:                      10ml x 4 (6000r/min) RCF: 3200 x g
Temperature range:             -20 -40°C
Temperature accuracy:        ±1°C
Speed accuracy:                  ±50r/min
Compressor:                         R404a
Timer range:                         0-99min
Noise:                                   <65dB (A)
Power supply:                      AC110V 60Hz 15A
Dimensions:                          600 x 470 x 330mm (LxWxH) 24”x18.5”x13”
Shipping weight:                  190 Ibs

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